Privacy Policy

As a leading pharmaceutical company, we respect and protect people and their rights, including the right to privacy. This respect is core to all our values. The global digital landscape is continually evolving and the personal data that organizations hold about us are broader and more complex than in the past. In light of this and following the mandate of a new EU privacy regulation, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we would like to take the opportunity to explain the way in which we process your personal data, what your rights are and how you may exercise them.

AstraZeneca nv/sa (“AstraZeneca”, “We”, “Us”) collects and uses some of your personal data. The personal data we hold about you was either provided to Us by a third party, namely IQVIA with your consent, obtained from public sources or it derives from our cooperation with you (e.g. information about visits from our representatives). We will never sell your data, and we are committed to keep it secure. We will only use it for the following legitimate interests and purposes to:     

  • provide you with information about AstraZeneca products, news and the latest scientific developments;     
  • send you offers to participate in scientific meetings, promotional events and cooperation opportunities, as well as to participate in surveys.
  • to optimize your experience with AstraZeneca products and the communication ways we use to keep you informed about them.

We may process the following data or categories of data: Your name and title(s), your medical specialty, address, contact information, INAMI/RIZIV, information regarding your experience about AstraZeneca and our medicines, details about your publishing activities, participation in meetings, seminars, advisory boards and conferences, information about public institutions you may be affiliated to, information about your participation in clinical trials and non-interventional studies, and information about your professional profile. If you choose to give us further information, we will only use this to the extent to which it may be relevant to achieve the purposes of processing your data.

Your data is processed both by manual and automatic means. We may apply some basic profiling on your data in order to better
program our visits to health care professionals and to find professionals that AstraZeneca may wish to collaborate with.   Under certain circumstances, you may have a right to oppose to such processing by contacting AstraZeneca on

Your personal information may be shared with other AstraZeneca group companies ( We may also share your personal data with certain third parties, such IT providers for the purposes of system development and technical support; auditors and consultants to verify our compliance with external and internal requirements; statutory bodies, law enforcement agencies and litigants, as per a legal reporting requirement or claim; and a successor or business partner to AstraZeneca or to an AstraZeneca group company in the event that it sells, divests or sets up a collaboration/joint venture for all or part of its business.

Such AstraZeneca entities and third parties may be based anywhere in the world, which could include countries that may not offer
the same legal protections for personal data as your country of residence.  AstraZeneca will follow local data protection
requirements and its internal global privacy standard ( and will apply the necessary safeguards under the applicable law of the country transferring the data for such transfers.  Irrespective of which country your Personal Data is transferred, We would only share your personal data under a strict ‘need to know’ basis and under appropriate contractual restrictions (such as AstraZeneca’s Binding Corporate Rules and EU Standard Contract Clauses or equivalent instruments approved by the EuropeanCommission or by the Supervisory Authority). You are entitled to receive a copy of AstraZeneca’s Binding Corporate Rules and/or the AstraZeneca’s EU Standard Contract Clauses upon request by contacting AstraZeneca on will store your personal data for a number of years in accordance with local laws and the company´s internal policies and procedures for as long as it is necessary in order to satisfy our legitimate business interests, legal obligations, or in order to establish, exercise or defend legal claims. When your personal data are no longer necessary for these purposes, the personal data will be securely deleted. For more information on AstraZeneca internal Document Retention policy you may go to

You may contact AstraZeneca at  (please note that this option will be available once the GDPR takes effect on 25th May 2018) to request access to the personal data we hold about you, to correct any mistakes or to request deletion of the same or object to the processing of your personal data. If such a request places AstraZeneca or its affiliates in breach of its obligations under applicable laws, regulations or codes of practice, then AstraZeneca may not be able to comply with your request but you may still be able to request that we block the use of your personal information for further processing. You may also have a right to data portability to another Data Controller under certain circumstances.

AstraZeneca has assigned a Data Protection Officer responsible for overseeing AstraZeneca’s compliance with EU data protection law, which you may contact at case of any questions or concerns regarding the processing of your personal data. If AstraZeneca’s processing of your personal data is covered by EU law, you may also lodge a complaint with the corresponding Data Protection Supervisory Authority in your country of residence. You can find the relevant
Supervisory Authority name and contact details under